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Equipment rentals is what Buck Rentals is all about. Our job is making your job easier. Equipment rentals that meet your need.

So you’ve got a job to do, large or small. And the key to getting the job done efficiently is having the right tools in your hand. Sometimes it seems 75% of your time is spent running out to the tool shed again for just the right thing. Problem is, you can’t foresee exactly what is needed until you’re in the middle of the job itself. Until now. Until Buck Rentals.

Now all you need to do is call Buck Rentals! Our knowledgeable staff can fill you in on exactly what’s best for your project, whether it’s a small trencher, backhoe, or even just the right concrete tool.  Whether you’re a homeowner finally getting around to that pet project, or a contractor who needs just the right machine for the job, we’ve got what you need. Contact us today!

Manitou 20' 5500# lift for rent Lancaster Quarryville
Scissors lift for rent Lancaster Quarryville

Buck Rentals

Equipment Rentals When and Where You Need It!  We are dedicated to providing equipment solutions for your project. From mini trackhoes to post pounders and excavation equipment, you can find your rental right here at the Buck, south of Lancaster, PA. We Deliver to Your Location.

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